Credit Card companies resist regulation

I'm sorry... WHAT??????

CitiBank is Rate-Jacking again!

I had no idea that regulated industries had a say in the matter when regulation was pending, to help prevent things like S&L meltdowns, or Banking collapses, or Credit Card Client Raping!!!

It has become painfully obvious that Banks and Wallstreet can not self regulate. They've proven this time and again! Hello Madoff????

Now we find out that: oh, well there is pushback in the credit industry to regulation to prevent Epic Client Screwing... What the HELL does that have to do with anything???? There's pushback from taxes but average Joe Blows like you and me still dole out our taxes every year like lemings!!!

I am REALLY starting to feel like I'm being duped here...

And it really sounds like it's time to go Cash only. Of course I guess that means I don't get to buy any more houses or cars.

Damn... It's really starting to suck being a tax payer...

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